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2016 Modeling Workshop

PVAMU and TSU is planning 2016 Summer Modeling Workshop that opens to all consortium members. This workshop consists of two-week long training, with the first week focusing on the basic Linux operating system and fundamental computational modeling skill builder and exercise, while the second week focuses on more advanced topics such as finite element analysis and a project-based hands-on workshop. The participants will be well prepared and be ready for the computational modeling workshop offered at LLNL.
2016 Modeling workshop will be held at Nashville, TN and tentative schedule is here: NNSA MSIPP Summer Modeling Workshop - 2016.

2nd Summer Modeling Workshop

 Options for Workshop Attendance

Week #1
June 20 – 24, 2016

Beginner’s session
This session is designed for students has minimal exposure to Unix/Linux operating system, computational modeling environment

Week #2

Jun 27 – July 1, 2016
Advanced session
This session is designed for students with fluent Unix/Linux, Vi command line editor, and some exposure to modeling experience. 
It would benefit the most if participants could bring their modeling problem to the workshop to be worked on, though it is NOT required.